1. The forth photo is your best: excellent composition and the perfect exposure to capture the motion at the right time. The dark background (a bit of Photoshop maybe?) make the dancer look suspended in the air by an invisible wire while in perfect harmony with the gravity. Absolutely beautiful!

    I like the light in the sixth image: I’ve always been impressed by back lighting (contre-jour) when mastered with art. The composition gives this shot life despite depicting the static posture of the ballerina. A discrete key-light helps to preserve enough details so we see more than just a silhouette without sacrificing the glow of the edges and the almost angelic thin halo around the head. Is it just the reflection of the light from the window on the walls behind you?

    You really like the big aperture: shallow depth of field to make the subject pop-up and the ability to step down on exposure time to capture motion. Great job!

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